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Rest assured, my Facebook post yesterday was an April fools joke. But it got me thinking: perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to drop such a bombshell on you guys after such a long period of complete radio silence, even if that bombshell was fake. So allow me to clarify why I didn’t write anything these past few months, what I have been up to and what I am planning to do next.


Without further ado, let’s begin:


1. Where did she come from, where did she go, where did she come from cotton eyed…Lisa….

After my sucessful visit to Hamburg last December, mother nature decided to send me this lovely little fella over for a visit:

A cursed tic-tac. Click here for the image source

Unfortunately, it is not a funny looking furry tic tac candy with tentacles. No, this thing is called Helicobacter Pylori, and he decided to visit me for the scond half of December and the first half of January. But I was able to…evict…this guy successfully by the end of January. But man, these creatures are really energy-draining and just sucker punch the life out of you, which is why I had to put my plans to return to Hamburg in January on hold.

I spent most of February and the first half of March recovering from Mr. Cursed Tic-Tac, packing my stuff and planning my next trip to Hamburg, which is why I did not write much…or at all.


2. Where are you now?

Hamburg, Germany. It’s called “the gate to the world” for a pretty good reason. Click here for the image source.

…well, back in Hamburg of course! And this time for good!

Yes, after 11 years of world-hopping, I have decided to return to my home city to continue my work as an actress here in my home country.

And now that I have spent the last three weeks hopping from government office to government office (I thought Greek bureaucracy was ridiculous, turns out they just pretty much copied Germany’s homework) to get everything sorted out, I am now ready to continue from where I had to stop in December and kick in some doors in the german entertainment industry…ok, I’ll knock first…


3. What comes next?

Next stop: showreel! Click here for the image source

Well, as of right now, I am currently revamping my acting portfolio. With new headshots coming soon (btw, I decided to go back to brunette) and  a whole new demo reel (in german, of course). They should both be ready by the end of April, so make sure to come back and check!


Thank you everyone for your patience, I cannot wait to share this new chapter in my life with you.


’til next time (which will NOT be three months from now)!