“Lisa was timely, dependable, upbeat, great initiator on projects, always an eagerness to learn and proficient in her work, Lisa was always up to the task, friendly and reliable. You would very much benefit from having her as your employee or team member.”-

Beth Anne Kelleher, costume designer

“Lisa – is a dedicated, hard working student. She wants to improve & wants to get up to work everyday which reveals a strong desire to learn” 

Chris Dolman, Director and Teacher

“Extremely studious, dedicated student, A pleasure to have in class!”

Angela Nahigian, movement instructor

“Lisa takes the work seriously and engages with it thoughtfully. Her care and focus is excellent.”

Megan Campisi, movement instructor

“She works very hard to complete her work and is a dedicated student.”

Misti Wills, director and teacher

“Lisa is a terrific, attentive student always making positive contributions to class. Her material is thoroughly learned, and she has thought about her performance prior to getting up to work. She has a naturally bright mix.”

Christopher McGovern, Vocal production teacher

“Lisa has a great attitude towards the work. A joy to have in class this term!”

Robert Tunstall, Theatre Dance teacher

” Lisa takes the work very seriously, she is highly concentrated and imaginative”

Kyle Fabel, acting teacher and director

“Lisa works hard and is very focused, her verse work is quite good and there is a fierceness and a joy inside that takes her to the next level.”

Maxon Davis, Advanced Shakespeare teacher